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October 19, 2013 I held a gallery showing and a private dinner for a few special guests. LIGHT: In Black and White was my gift to women, the rawness, the beauty, the sensuality, the darkness, and the light. Marshall Arts + Studios provided the perfect canvas for my images. I was delighted to have several visitors interested in the story behind some of my favorite images as well as several of the models in the photos present to see the magic we created. This installation was the first of three that will be presented on a different subject matter. I want to thank my PR Ashley Northington with Denor Brands (denorbrands.com) for her hard work on this event and her support of my art. The gallery show was an amazing success.

Later that night, I chose a small number of women to thank them for the positive energies they have blessed me with. These ladies were welcomed to wine and pre dinner flights. They had a private experience with my gallery showing and an opportunity to mingle with other women they may not have had the pleasure of meeting before. At 8pm on the dot, I invited the ladies beyond the beautiful sheer white drapes to a luxuriously decorated table full of purples, pinks, and gold. Fresh flowers accented the entire table and the Lucite clear chairs welcomed each guest. The looks on their faces was everything I wanted.

We were served three wonderful courses, or flights that were amazing. Each one added to the décor and the mood for the evening. Olivia with Delectables catering (delectablescateringcompany.com) and design really made my dream come true with the décor and the food. The ooohs and ahhhhs kept coming and with the next surprise they were sure to continue. After the first flight, dinner stopped and the show began. Three belly dancers entered the room and took us on a journey through dance. Culture to the max! My guests and I were invited to join the dancers as we received training on how to do some of the moves. Believe me, those moves were a workout!!! WHEW!

During the next few flights we shared our stories and I was humbled by the things that occurred at that table. It was everything that I needed to confirm some things. Each woman further solidified why they were invited and why they mean so much to me. I can only pray that they found another reason to keep being the person that they desire to be. The love at that table flowed as free as the fabric the dancers used to fill the room with color. I am forever changed by the events that night.
















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Arekah the Goddess Photography
LIGHT: In Black and White
12 p.m. – 2 p.m.
Saturday, October 19
Marshall Arts Gallery + Studios
639 Marshall Avenue
Memphis, Tennessee 38103

Please join Erica Dunlap of Arekah the Goddess Photography,
Stone Award nominee and winner of the Tri-State Defender’s Best in Black Award for Best Photographer,
from Noon to 2 p.m. on Saturday, October 19 for LIGHT: In Black and White.
Several unseen photographs and prints will be on display.
Erica will also be available to discuss future photography sessions.

Please RSVP for the event below and receive a free Arekah the Goddess electronic print.



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Exclusive Offer
$100 off any session
(Empress, Nefertiti or Isis)

Or receive one complimentary make-up look. Only valid through July 31, 2013.

Arekah the Goddess Photography

Conditions apply. Please contact us for more information.

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Exclusive Offer
$100 off any session
(Empress, Nefertiti or Isis)

Or receive one complimentary make-up look. Only valid through July 25, 2013.

Arekah the Goddess Photography

Conditions apply. Please contact us for more information.

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The Stone Awards honors the most outstanding community leaders, business leaders and entertainers in the Memphis Metropolitan area.  The award recognizes those individuals, businesses and organizations that not only supported their individual heavy “stone” through personal and professional accomplishments, but also the “stones” of the community, with pride & grace.

Arekah the Goddess has been nominated for The Stone Awards in the Best Photographer category this year!

To cast your vote for Arekah the Goddess Photography, please follow these steps:

(1) “Like” the Mtenzi Awards Facebook page (found here)
(2) Type “Arekah the Goddess (Photographer)” as your comment under the “Best Video-Specialist or Photographer” Post

That’s it!


The Awards Gala is going to be in June 2013…..Presented by Ma’&9 MustardSeeds & The Annual Stone Awards