LIGHT with Tabitha Miller

As many of you know, I am a self-taught photographer. I don’t proclaim to know-it-all. Frankly, every single time I pick up my camera I learn something new. I KNOW that learning is infinite and there is no way that one can obtain all the knowledge that is available in the universe. We evolve, we grow, we discover, we transition. In saying all of that, my goal has always been to continue growing in this craft. One of my goals for 2014 is to get published in a few more fashion magazines. In an effort to reach that goal, I had a shoot with one of my star players, Tabitha Miller (IG @lemodelmiller). Make-up artist De’Adrian Jones (IG @diva_de and @thebeatisreal) took my direction for a nude face to heart when she created her color pallet for this shoot.

I envisioned a slightly unpolished hair style to the back with a flip. I didn’t commission a hair stylist for this shoot (I should have), so I did it myself. Whew! It turned out pretty cute, but definitely not a replacement for a master stylist. I will call Miss Lynn or Adrienne next time for sure!!!

As for the lighting, I wanted some subtle shadows on the full body shots and a back lit look for closer shots that gave the model a nice glow behind her to create this almost bathing of light. In the studio besides the cyclorama wall and the white brick there is one small flat white wall that I chose as the location. I selected a white v-flat to bounce the light on the full body shots with the gridded beauty dish as key light, then turned the models back into the v-flat for that burst of bright white light as her backdrop. It turned out pretty well.

Here is one of the sample shots from the shoot as well as a lighting diagram of how I set the lights up. Stay tuned for my Posing workshop in April and my Lighting class in June!!!!! Registration is coming soon!

Peace and LIGHT!

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